Acne Cream
2 oz (56 g)

I have tried everything from Pro-Activ to prescriptions such as Retin-A....and this is the first product that I have been able to use without overdrying my skin. Benzoyl Peroxide, salicylic acid and other ingredients cause skin to dry out, but Natralia does not! After washing my face and applying the acne rescue cream directly after, I don't need an extra moisturizer or topical gel. My acne is clearing up after only a week and a half. If you use it twice a day like it is recommended, it will begin to work! Just have a little patience with it and you will see that the outcome and price is worth it!


Customer Review USA

I discovered Natralia's acne system last year and absolutely love it! It did take a little while to completely clear my face but since then I have had no more breakouts and my skin tone is soooo much better. It's completely gentle and I don't need to use a moisturizer on top of it. I've introduced it to friends who also love it. Definitely a good product and it being natural only makes it better!

Customer Review USA



Natralia Acne Cream is formulated to:

  1. kill acne-causing bacteria which are commonly found on the skin
  2. reduce blackheads and whiteheads which clog pores and cause pimples
  3. reduce inflammation caused by irritated skin
  4. improve the appearance of scars associated with Acne.

Contains NO Comedogenic Ingredients to block pores during treatment

Contains NO Salycilic Acid to dry out the skin during treatment

Contains NO Benzoyl Peroxide which is a potential skin irritant


After cleansing with Natralia Acne Wash, cover the entire affected area with a thin layer of Natralia Acne Cream. For best results, use morning and evening.


In additional to active homeopathic ingredients, Natralia Acne Cream contains these naturally derived ingredients:

Tea Tree Oil: has anti-bacterial properties. Kills Acne-causing bacteria on the skin

Witch Hazel: acts as an antiseptic that helps cleanse the skin and kill Acne causing bacteria

Calendula Extract: known for its anti-inflammatory effects. Excellent for calming redness associated with Acne

Chamomile Extract: effective against inflammation of the skin

Lavender Oil: has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties

Palmarosa Essential Oil: effective against Acne causing bacteria and skin inflammation

Aloe Vera: moisturizes and soothes inflamed skin

Lactic Acid: provides a gentle exfoliating action and unblocks clogged pores

Rose Hip Oil: helps improve the appearance of scars associated with Acne